Display News as Breaking, Ticker

One of the exciting feature of this Top News plugin is you can display news as Breaking or Ticker.
To do that first you have to set a news as Breaking news. So, open a news first and scroll down to the News Information section.
There you will find an option Breaking?
Check that option and also make sure the status is active.
After that Update the news.



Now open a page editor and apply the below shortocode:

[ wtn_news_ticker]



Publish that page and you will see a Breaking, Ticker section in your page.



You may want to display your breaking news for a specific date. To do that go to Ticker Settings in the Top News Internal Menu.


In this settings page you need to check the Display Only Todays option and save settings. This will display your breaking news for a specific date.
Not only that you control the number of news to display, change the breaking news label text and apply the various ticker types.
You can also customize your ticker news styling from the Styles sections.


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